IV Flunixin Meglumine May Be Good Choice for Lengthy Donkey Surgery

April 2024

Intravenous flunixin meglumine may be a good choice over phenylbutazone (PBZ) for donkey long-er surgeries, according to a recent study that compared the 2 treatments.

Medical Grade Honey Does Not Affect Tensile Strength of Sutures

September 2023

Medical-grade honey appears to protect against surgical site infections, but does it affect the strength of the sutures used to close the wound?

‘Nose Job’ Gives Young Filly New Lease on Life

By Natalie Pompilio, December 2023

Often, when horses, especially those meant for sport, are borne with a severe deformity, they are euthanized, but the spark and determination of a Standardbred born in May with wry nose tugged at the heart strings of the owner and his daughter.