Ask the Infectious Disease Expert How does antigenic drift impact equine influenza vaccine efficacy?

The current development of sequencing technology has broadened the scope of infectious disease monitoring. Genetic sequencing is a powerful tool for understanding the significance of antigenic drift in the equine influenza virus (EIV) and subsequently determining how well an equine influenza vaccine might protect against a particular influenza virus. To help shed some light on this subject, Dr. Kyuyoung Lee discusses his recently published article, “Genome-informed characterization of antigenic drift in the hemagglutinin gene of equine influenza strains circulating in the United States from 2012-2017.”


Ask the Financial Expert I’m sick of not getting paid on time-or at all. How can I get better at collecting and improve my cash flow?

By Kyle Palmer, CVT

First off, congratulations on asking the question. Most equine practitioners would rather float teeth on Clydesdales with hand tools all day than work on the business side of their practice. But without revenue there is no practice, which means collecting has to be a top priority. Here are a few strategies for shrinking that pile of accounts receivable.


Ask the Infectious Disease Expert How do I help clients identify early signs of common infectious diseases of the eye?

Infectious processes in the eyes of the horse usually begin with an ophthalmic injury. A horse’s eyes are susceptible to injury because of their exposed location on the sides of the skull. When you add in the horse’s strong flight response that can lead to a lot of injured ocular structures. Damaged eye tissues are at a high risk of infection from bacteria and fungi because the eye’s normal defense mechanisms are often breached when injured.



Ask the Financial Expert My clients already have credit cards. Why should I bother with a financing solution?

By Boo Larson

It’s a logical question. In fact, it’s one we at CareCredit get from healthcare providers of all kinds. “Why do I need to offer another payment option if I already accept general-purpose credit cards?” The answer can be summed up simply: Budget-friendly payment options help clients access the care their horses need in a timely way. Let’s take a closer look.



Ask the Infectious Disease Expert What’s the infectious disease outlook this foaling season?

When working to protect foals, the infectious diseases to watch for fall into the 2 main categories of gastrointestinal and respiratory disease. Pay special attention to the following illnesses.