The Modern Equine Vet
June 2024
Vol 14 Issue 6 2024
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Cover Story | Respiratory

S. Equi Appears to Be Increasing Slightly

By Marie Rosenthal MS


AI Tool Recognizes Equine Recurrent Uveitis


Purina Launches Probiotic Supplement and Microbiome Testing Kit

By Tom Rosenthal

Infectious Diseases

The Evolution of Deworming Strategies

By Joy Curzio

Technician Update

Community, Empowerment and Tenacity-Executive Board Involvement Can Grow it All!

By Eli Olind, LVT

Practice Management

Equine Veterinarians Face the Perfect Storm for Decision Fatigue

By Paul Basilio

Vet Stats

Veterinarians and Zoonoses

News Notes

Silicone Pad Allows Students to Practice Injections

News Notes

Merck, USTA Microchip 50,000 Standardbreds

Sponsored Editorial – Ask the Financial Expert

What’s the Harm in Providing a Discount in ‘Special Cases’?

By Amy L. Grice, VMD, MBA